THE HANGERS is a new trade mark in Lithuania launched in 2016 and offers modern clothing hangers for professionals and everyone who appreciates quality and fashion.

The hangers can serve as integral elements of your home interior.  The majority of new homes or houses are designed with the separate rooms for clothes, so-called closets.  When installing the closets, many of us think of how to fit all clothes of the family, hang the clothes in a convenient way so that they could be easy to find and kept orderly.  Most of us have various hangers – from plastic ones to wooden, of various shapes and colours – so, naturally, such a variety of hangers does not add beauty to a new closet and your clothes.  THE HANGERS offers a solution – modern and elegant hangers for your home.  We created the only home line of hangers in Lithuania – wooden hangers that are suitable for all types of clothes and that will look excellent next to your new furniture and modern interior.

We thought about our business clients as well as. Before establishing a clothing store, boutique or wedding dress salon many of them think about elegant, decorate and reliable wooden hangers which would not only be comfortable to exhibit clothes, but would also decorate the interior of the store.

We guarantee and assume responsibility for the quality of our goods and delivery of the goods at the agreed time.  We want to be close to you, to meet your expectations and to offer you a wide assortment of exclusive hangers for your home and business in a short future.  We always appreciate any of your comments and feedbacks.


The hangers are a part of your life!

Respectfully, THE HANGERS team