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New color! Expected date of receipt 2020.10

Highly recommend to order at least one hanger, before placing bigger order, to try and to make sure it matches your desired quality and expectations.

You can order each model and each color under one hanger, it will be much more easy to decide which color is the best for your home interior.

* Strong metal color clips with inside silicone plate will keep your clothes strongly.

* Exclusive hangers design will make your wardrobe elegant, luxury and attractive.

PANTS HANGERS - perfect for hanging pants, skirts and shorts.

These hangers are an excellent interior element that will decorate your cosy home!

• Length - 38 cm.
• Thickness - 1.2 cm.
• Thickness on the shoulders - 4.5 cm.
• Metal clips dimensions 6.0 X 2.0

Delivery time 2-5 business days

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Availability date: 10/31/2020